[AU] Wades World 2X Weekly

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Hey thanks for coming and having a look at [AU] Wades World 2X Weekly

Mods: The images below are the mods we are running, Stuff like Instant Craft (VIP), Quick Smelt, Backpack, Offline Doors, Building Grades, Plants Grow 5X Faster, Quarrys are 5X, Hqm inside a node is 10x also, Furnace Splitter,  Mini's also have large Storage, /Remove, Town TP (only teleport to outpost,bandit) Unburnable Meat, Faster Recyclers. Vending machines dont run out of stock at outpost or bandit, Vault doors (vip) SKINBOX AND CONVOY ARE HERE!!!

In Game: Around the map i have modded Outpost and Bandit shops, here i sell items like Test Gens, Lrs, buy cloth for scrap at twice the bandit rate. The Vending Machines at outpost selling resources will allow you to make stacks of 50K (great for TC stacking) they also dont run out of stock.

Discord: This is a invite link to our discord https://discord.gg/UGtW7d2Sfh  

30 DAY VIP PACK: https://wadesworld.tebex.io/ This will give you advantages like
VAULT DOORS. 2000HP doors that look like a bank vault
Instant Craft
Backpack with 42 inventory slots
VIP title next to your in game chat.


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Server Status

  • Game: Rust
  • Status: online
  • Map: Procedural Map
  • Location: Australia
  • Created: Mar 10, 2021


100% of your donation will be applied to their hosting bill.